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Useful information

Political status: Cyprus is an independent Republic under the control of the President.

The head of state is the President, who is also the Chairman of the Council of Ministers. The President and Vice President have a leading role in the management of the Republic of Cyprus. They have veto power in important matters of public policy.

Official language: Greek and Turkish, many people know English (about 80 %), in the tourist centres Russian, French and German.

The capital of Cyprus: Nicosia (Greek. Lefkosia).

Major cities: Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Ayia NAPA, Protaras, Polis. They are big resorts.

Time: Eastern (UTC -1 hour in summer and 2 hours in winter or middle European time +1 hour).

Main religion: Christianity (Orthodox).

Population: The total population is around 900,000 thousand people, of whom the Greeks 650.000, Turks 160 thousand. Cyprus is also home to 17 thousand Englishmen, 6 thousand Armenians. After the war of 1974, about 180 thousand Greek Cypriots were resettled to the South. About 42 thousand Turks moved North. According to statistics, the total percentage of Russians living on the island according to unofficial sources, is about 8%.

Cyprus beaches: One of the cleanest in the world, awarded with Blue flag certification”. Beaches with this sign is in Ayia NAPA, Protaras, Larnaca, Paphos...

National kitchen: Includes the best recipes of Mediterranean neighbors. They are mostly Greek and Turkish recipes, but there are also Arabic and English. Food is healthy and easily digestible, dominated by vegetable fats, found the exquisite meat and vegetable dishes. Often found in seafood. On the first line from the sea there are many fish taverns where you can eat well for € 15-20. There are sweets of Eastern origin. Almost all year round in Cyprus fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruits are picked 3 times in a year. Here grow the best varieties of citrus fruits, potatoes, strawberries. Juices and wines of the highest quality are made from natural varieties without added sugar.

To get a better idea about Cypriot cuisine, you have to order at any restaurant meze. This lunch of about 20 dishes that will be served as eating. The first table will make salads, cheeses, hot and cold snacks from vegetables, meat, seafood, then you will see the "real" meat dishes, and at the end of the meal, expect sweet dishes and fruits. Besides meat, some tavernas serving fish meze. To accompany lunch recommend the excellent Cyprus wine.

National dishes:

✔ Moussaka – eggplant, zucchini, potatoes and ground beef, baked with egg and cream

✔ Aphelion – marinated pork with coriander

✔ Stifado – beef stew with lots of onions

✔ The stuffed kid – stuffed with rice, onions and spices tomatoes and peppers

✔ Halloumi – grilled sheep cheese

✔ Zaziki – sauce of yogurt, grated cucumber and garlic

✔ Taramosalata – salad with fish ROE, vegetable oil and lemon juice

✔ Dolmades or kopania – rice, fried in olive oil with onion, mint, pepper and lemon juice, wrapped in grape leaves in the manner of stuffed cabbage

✔ Sheftal – minced meat

✔ Keftedes – fried meatballs

✔ Loukanika – smoked sausage

Traditional sweets:

✔ Baklava – the familiar baklava – syrup brownies

✔ Delight – sprinkled with powdered sugar sweet jelly cubes

✔ Suzuka – long sausages, grape molasses, in which almonds, very similar to Caucasian churchkhela

Entertainment: If you are interested in shopping, then it should be noted that the price of clothing stores in Cypriot approximately the same as in Russia. The range is approximately the same. There is a brand well-known brands. Advantageous to buy gold and silver jewelry, coats. The shops: 08:00-13:00 and 16:00-19:00, some private shops are open longer, especially in tourist areas. As in other countries, the service sector in Cyprus is customary to leave a tip if You are happy with the service. Usually, the tip is 10% of the total order. In every city there are places of concentration of discos, bars, restaurants usually in the center of tourist area. Discos start to work with the twelve nights. As there is a disco evenings, which begin to work from six in the evening, usually on Sundays.

Cyprus is a huge selection of wines. Cypriot wines are considered not only among the best in the world but also the oldest - they are mentioned in Homer's Iliad. The ancient Romans gave them preference.

Traditional dessert wine Commandaria. This sweet dessert wine with a unique taste, the taste is similar to that of the best port wine ten extracts. Commandaria was popular in the middle ages in the courts of the English and French kings, and also in Venice. Wine bottle of 0.75 l costs on average about € 3-5. In many cities you can visit wine cellars.

National Cypriot drink - ouzo-anisette. Also you should try grape vodka – Zivania (45%) - the Cypriot version of the Georgian chacha, as is the local beer KEO.

Transport: International airports – Larnaca and Paphos, sea ports of Limassol and Larnaca. The only form of public transport are buses. The fare on the city bus costs € 1,5-2 per person depending on the city. Taxi – landing until 8 PM is € 3, and after 8 hours – € 4, 1 km of journey costs about € 0,6.

Routes and bus schedules visit the following site: http://cyprus-realty.info/files/buses_routes.pdf

Speed limit on motorways is 120 km/h, on highways - 80 km/h; inside settlements cannot move at a speed exceeding 50 km/h.

Movement: left-hand drive.

Car rental: Drivers under 25 years of age must have driving experience more than 3 years. Traffic fines are paid in full by the driver.

Currency: Euro, introduced on 1 January 2008. Currency exchange is exchanged in banks, which are open from 08:30 to 12:30 daily except Saturday and Sunday.

Dialling code for Cyprus is: +357

If You are calling from Russia with cell phone, you dial +357

If You are calling from Russia from a landline, dial 8-10-357

Emergency numbers: If you call the police, ambulance, fire brigade - 112

The Embassy of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus: Nicosia, Engomi area, street Makarios the Third. Address for correspondence Odos Prokoriou & Archiepisckopou Makarios III, Engomi, P. O Box1845, Nicosia. Phone 22-464622. Web: http://www.cyprus.mid.ru

Provisional visa to visit the Republic of Cyprus (Pro-Visa for the Republic of Cyprus) - for Russian citizens was introduced in may 2009 and is valid for 90 days, making free by filling in the questionnaire on the official website of the Cyprus Embassy in Moscow. Then the form should be sent to the Consulate of Cyprus email address provided on the website. After checking the questionnaire Consulate tourist at the e-mail confirmation is sent. Tourist must either be printed or in electronic form to present at check-in upon arrival to Cyprus. The provisional visa is valid upon presentation of a valid passport, the number of which is specified in the form of a visa.