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Property finance

Banking system of Cyprus is an attractive low interest rates. A loan to buy real estate can get non-residents of Cyprus, including citizens of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Loan interest rate is 2-7%. The initial payment is 30-40% of the purchase price. The maturity of the loan to 20 years. Cyprus banks offer different loan programs residential and commercial properties. The term of consideration of the loan up to 2 weeks.

Company Cyprus Realty Center provides a full support of the procedure of the loan and helps in the collection and registration of all necessary documents.

List of required documents:

✔ Statement on the personal account/accounts.

✔ Original or certified copy of the passport.

✔ A letter of recommendation from the Bank whose customer you are.

✔ Certificate of employment indicating salary.

✔ A copy of the documents of employment on the payroll for the last 3 months.

✔ Bank account statements for the last 3 months.

✔ Copy of tax Declaration for the last year or extract from the tax Department about payment/accrual of taxes.

✔ Signed and notarized contract of sale registered in the cadastre and Land Registration.

✔ A copy of the title of ownership of real estate or architectural plan/certificate.

✔ A copy of the payment order about payment.

✔ Official confirmation (the Minister) on conveyance of property in the name of the buyer.

✔ A copy of the building permit.

This list of documents is approximate and requires clarification in the Bank.

Please note:

All information provided is strictly confidential, must be submitted in full to the Bank began the process most accurate assessment of your application and its acceptance for consideration.