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In the educational plan in Cyprus developed system of school and University education. While on the island there are not only public institutions but also private. That the country has a high qualification in the field of education says that the state spends about 7% of GDP on education which makes Cyprus the three leaders of the European community, along with Denmark and Sweden, which spend large sums on education. Moreover, private education centres also receive part of this amount.

Preschool education

Preschool education in Cyprus is kindergartens from 3 to 6 years, as well as in Russia, is not mandatory.

There are 2 types of kindergartens:

✔ state (established by the Ministry of education and culture in cooperation with the Parent Association and local authorities) and community based and funded by Parent Associations. The training system is only in Greek.

✔ private kindergartens in which children take from 2 months to 6 years. The system of education was held in Greek, English or Russian languages.

School education

Cyprus is already in 5.5 years, children go to primary school. In 1-3 classes they teach basic skills (reading, writing, numeracy), and then, in 4-6 classes, the curriculum gradually add foreign languages, music, physical education and various Humanities subjects. Then the kids enter high school, three years of training in which are the second stage of the nine-year compulsory education. This degree provides an in-depth study of General subjects and foreign languages.
Finally, the final stage (already optional and therefore paid) – three years of study in secondary schools elective courses focused on specialization in the field of individual disciplines. The curriculum includes the study of three categories of objects: main (compulsory for all), special and optional. Freedom of choice is limited to the set of the following combinations: classical science, Humanities, physics and math cycle, as well as Economics and languages. Alternative public high schools are small private schools carrying out a set of students on a paid basis. Some of them focus on the study of foreign languages, mainly English, French and Italian. In Cyprus there are schools, leading the American, Russian and English (Russian schools, English schools), as well as by French and Lebanese programs.

Higher education. The peculiarities of the system of higher education.

Cyprus has implemented the European multilevel model, according to which the programmes are divided into bachelor, master and doctoral studies.
The first degree covers four years of study and concludes with the issuance of the certificate or diploma and the award of a bachelor's degree (Ptychio). The teaching process is organized with the use of the European credit system European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). For the bachelor's degree must score 120-130 credits.
The second stage of higher education is two years of study in the same specialty, within the framework of a bachelor degree. Graduates of the program are awarded a master's degree. For the further continuation of education holder of a master's diploma may enter the doctoral program, after three years of study and dissertation to obtain the degree of doctor of Sciences (PhD).

Colleges and institutes

Cyprus is quite a lot for such a small country schools, which occupies an intermediate position between schools and universities. Cypriots consider them to high school because they are for 1-4 years of training you will receive not only specialty and diploma, but a bachelor's degree. For example, graduating from European University Cyprus, you can become a bachelor of science (Bachelor of Science) in business, computer science and engineering, Humanities and social Sciences. And the Higher College of technology prepares high quality specialists in the fields of construction, electronics, engineering, computer technology. After three years of training the graduates receive the diploma of the engineer-technician (Diploma of Technician Engineer) and can continue their education abroad – which, incidentally, makes about half of the graduates HTI.

Some colleges Cyprus offers dual degree programs that are accredited by the relevant universities in the UK and USA.
For example, in the Intercollege (Intercollege), where he studied hotel management many of our compatriots, it is possible to get a degree from the University of Indianapolis and are methodical development of the University of London. Very popular among Cypriots and foreign students are studying in the Department of psychology and international relations. A year of study in the baccalaureate program in Intercollege costs €5250. The master's program is more expensive – €9000 per year.

In the educational plan in Cyprus developed system of school and University education. While on the island there are not only public institutions but also private. In Cypriot universities learn about 25 thousand students, two-thirds of whom are Cypriots and the rest are foreigners.

Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus (Nicosia) www.hhic.ac.cy
Cyprus Forestry College (Limassol,Prodromos) www.moa.gov.cy/fc
Mediterranean Institute of Management (Nicosia) www.mlsi.gov.cy/kepa
Police Academy (Nicosia) www.police.gov.cy
School for Tourist Guides (Nicosia)
C. D. A College www.cdacollege.ac.cy
Cyprus College www.cycollege.ac.cy
Frederick Institute of Technology www.fit.ac.cy
Cyprus Institute of Marketing www.cima.ac.cy
Intercollege www.lim.intercollege.ac.cy
Limassol College of T. L. C www.thelimassolcollege.ac.cy
Susini College www.susini.ac.cy
CTL EuroCollege www.ctleuro.ac.cy
American College www.ac.ac.cy
Aigaia School of Art and Design www.aigaia.com.cy
Arte Music Academy www.artemusic.org
Casa College www.casacollege.com
C. D. A College www.cdacollege.ac.cy
College of Tourism and Hotel Management www.cothm.ac.cy
Cyprus College www.cycollege.ac.cy
Cyprus International Institute of Management www.ciim.ac.cy
Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics www.cing.ac.cy/csmm
Frederick Institute of Technology www.fit.ac.cy
Global College www.globalcollege.ac.cy
Intercollege www.intercollege.ac.cy
KES College www.kes.ac.cy
Ledra College www.ledra.ac.cy
Susini College (Nicosia) www.susini.ac.cy
Cyprus Institute of Marketing www.cima.ac.cy
Philips College www.philips.ac.cy
Vladimiros Kafkaridis School of Drama
Cyprus College of Art www.artcyprus.org
Cyprus Institute www.cyi.ac.cy
C. D. A College www.cdacollege.ac.cy
Alexander College www.alexander.ac.cy
Cornaro Institute www.artcyprus.org
Intercollege www.intercollege.ac.cy
Larnaca College www.larnacacollege.com
M. K. C. City College Larnaca www.citycollege.ac.cy
P. A. College www.pacollege.ac.cy
Atlantis College www.atlantiscollege.com
InterNapa College (INC) www.edynet.com.cy/internapa

Only in Cyprus there are seven universities: 3 public and 4 private. To the state include the University of Cyprus (University of Cyprus), Open University of Cyprus Open University of Cyprus), the Cyprus University of technology (Cyprus University of Technology). In addition to the four private universities – the University of Nicosia (University of Nicosia, European University Cyprus (European University Cyprus) and Cyprus University named after Frederick (Frederick University), University of Neapolis - there are a lot of private institutions, some of them – the Cyprus Academy of Public Administration (Cyprus Academy of Public Administration), graduate school of hotel business, Mediterranean Institute of management and the Cyprus international Institute of management or of management (Cyprus International Institute of Management). Among state universities the biggest and most popular Cypriot University. Among the most popular private University of Nicosia, in which learning about 5000 students whose campuses are located in three major cities of Cyprus.

University of Cyprus (Nicosia) www.ucy.ac.cy
Open University of Cyprus (OUC) (Nicosia) www.ouc.ac.cy
Cyprus University of Technology (Limassol) www.cut.ac.cy
European University - Cyprus (Nicosia) www.euc.ac.cy
Frederick University - Cyprus (Nicosia, Limassol) www.frederick.ac.cy
The University of Nicosia (Nicosia) www.unic.ac.cy
Neapolis University - Cyprus (Paphos) www.nup.ac.cy